And the winner is…

Publié: 4 novembre 2010 dans News

Mountain Stage ContestAmber Rubarth vient juste de remporter le grand prix du « Montain Stage Newsong Contest 2010«  et rentrera en studio au printemps 2011 pour enregistrer 5 titres avec l’un des producteurs les plus en vogue, le talentueux Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Kings of Leon…)!

“The contest winner Amber Rubarth is an artist of real depth and character. She possesses a wonderful creative intelligence and the joy Amber finds in her own music is totally evident when she performs. I’m looking forward to the recording process with her. » J.King

Amber Rubarth Mountain Stage

“Amber Rubarth was the unanimous choice as the winner. She is a very strong lyricist and has a charming voice and a personality that’s hard to resist. She certainly has all the elements needed for a very successful career and I look forward to her performance on Mountain Stage as well as to hearing what she does in the studio with Jaquire. » L.Groce

L’autre bonne nouvelle, c’est que vous pourrez retrouver Amber en live à Paris le 16 novembre!


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